Faber 10 Litre twin steel cylinders (Twinset)


10.5 Litre Twin Set Cylinders Complete

Our most popular twin set configuration.

At any depth of diving, from shallow to deep, twin tank diving is safer due to the inherent setup of the equipment. Faber Steel cylinders are strong, reliable and are made from top quality materials.

This twin set includes two 10.5 Litre steel cylinders, two stainless steel tank bands and two DIN/K valves with an isolating manifold

Twin set configuration requires two regulators, a primary and an alternate, a low pressure inflator and a pressure gauge.

Faber steel dive cylinders display a unique combination of size, weight and buoyancy.  The high quality scuba valves are modular, you can change from single connection to dual connection valve with ease.

Tank handles are also available for ease of transporting your scuba tank.

Available for use in Australia only.
Supplied as a standard AIR cylinder.

Oxygen cleaning fee of $27.50 applies to Oxygen clean your tank and scuba valve for use with up to 100% Oxygen. (Includes Nitrox Decal)

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