Pure Light Sidemount 28XR Set

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Your choice to purchase the Mares Pure Light- 28XR Sidemount set over other options depends upon your specific diving needs and preferences. Here are some potential reasons to consider the Mares Pure Light- 28XR Sidemount set:

1. Quality and Reputation: Mares is a well-known brand in the diving industry with a reputation for producing high-quality dive gear. The Pure Light-28XR Sidemount set offers you a reliable and durable option.
2. Design and Features: Evaluate the set’s design and features to see if they align with your diving style. Check the features such as- adjustable harnesses, integrated weight systems, and compatibility with various tank sizes.
3. Comfort and Fit: The comfort and fit of the Pure Light- 28XSidemount set is crucial for extended dives. The Pure Light Sidemount BC provides the comfort and adjustability you need for long hours underwater.
4. Performance: Consider the performance aspects, including buoyancy control, ease of maneuverability, and specialised features that enhance your diving experience.
5. Price and Value: The Mares 28XR Pure sidemount set offers the best value for money, comfort, design and durability.
6. Compatibility: The Pure Light-28X sidemount set is compatible with most existing dive equipment and tanks, saving you the need to make additional purchases or modifications.
7. Speak to a User: Our instructors dive the Mares Pure Light-28XR sidemount set- Get insights into their experiences and how this Pure Light- 28XR sidemount set meets their underwater expectations.

Ultimately, the best sidemount set for you will depend on your individual preferences, diving goals, and budget.

It’s a good idea to visit Pro-Dive Central Coast and talk to experts, and try on different sets to find the one that suits you best.

28XR with HR - Full tek set - XR Line

Mares has incorporated the top of modern regulator technology into the 28XR-HR underwater regulator. The first stage uses the innovative concept of the balanced diaphragm, which is operated by a double piston. All ecologically sealed using AST - Auto Sealing Technology. This also guarantees perfect sealing against the possible entry of sand or particles, especially in cave diving or in polluted waters.

Pure Light BC

The set is among the very best for a complete sidemount configuration, and mainly consists of two elements. The first one is the sack, and is in ballistic nylon, with a particular shape suitable for the configuration. The second, the harness, complete with all the aluminum accessories, is completed by a fabulous weight bag. The importance of this kit is its customization capabilities for the individual silhouette.

Sirius wrist computer

The Extended Range diver can insert up to five nitrox and trimix mixes to manage technical dives. The interchangeable strap allows the Extended Range diver to use any suit thickness. Its refined style makes the Sirius the perfect accessory, even out of the water.

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