Mares Single Tank Donut Bladder


Donut Bladder Single Tank backplate wing

The Mares XR 10 kg Donut Bladder Single Tank backplate Wing, is ideally suited for use with either small or larger cylinders, giving technical divers the possibility of using their harness purchased in the double tank set

Low profile valves are protected from damage and hold the diver in good trim with most of the air volume situated around your lower back. Keeping the dive cylinder in a perfect position, maintaining comfort and smooth gas shift when moving around underwater.

Hard to believe how this backplate wing is so streamlined. The wing lies flat when deflated, saving any risk of damage when being stored.
With the inner bladder protected by an outer shell design, equipped with large drain grommets, allowing air to escape the lining and removes water when exiting, after a dive.

Any technical diver used to having a rear double tank wing on the double tank, will find the same balance with the single tank.
Combined with an aluminium backrest, this backplate wing has the ideal weight to be used on all kinds of trips.

The low profile of the inflator, dump valve and pull cord all help prevent snagging whilst diving in tight spaces and overhead environments

Mares has designed these units to endure plenty of hard work. Made from 1200D nylon which is both strong and durable, with a 600D polyester exterior. The inner bladder is radio frequency (RF) welded polyurethane with a heavy duty plastic zipper and slider with elongated teeth for easy access to the internal bladder.

  • Drains: 6 large grommets, 2 on top and 4 on bottom
  • 1200D “bulletproof” ballistic nylon and 600D polyester exterior
  • Inner air cell: black polyurethane
  • Heavy duty plastic zipper and slider with elongated teeth
  • 4 heavy duty grommets positioned to allow optimum trim
  • K style inflators with brass buttons
  • 35” low profile, round-shaped hose
  • Left position does not interfere with 1st stage dump valve
  • Low profile dump valve
  • Micro puller
  • Tank stabilizer body slide bars
  • Finest quality materials
  • Stylish, durable (resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions), lightweight and long-lasting
  • Very smart and unique design allowing the cylinder to nest inside
  • Extremely streamlined - very stable continuous loop shape
  • Smooth gas shift from left to right
  • Top quality zipper: does not interfere with the woven textile tape, easy handling, strong and durable
  • Two tank cam bands
  • Two Flat head plate screws

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