Mares CR 25X Twinset Package

$1,902.00 $1,668.00

MARES CR 25X Package 

 High-performance second stage with newly designed, soft cover. Vortex Assisted for Stable flow without excessive positive-pressure breathing.  

No need for user adjustment with the exclusive (VAD) - Vortex Assisted Design.

Whilst the second stage is slightly negatively buoyant, the purge cover design  disperses water flow around the second-stage diaphragm thereby, reducing  free flows with an Easy-to-push purge button.

Second stage can be opened under water for cleaning which is an added bonus – Ideal for cave and cold water diving 


Total XR System Set includes:

2 x 25X First Stages 2 x CR Second Stages 56 cm LP hose MARES 20 Kg Twin Tank Donut Bladder 3mm Heavy Light Duty Aluminium Backplate   Fully rigged harness   SPG with 56 cm HP hose  

Bonus Extras

210 cm LP Long Hose   Silicon Neck Regulator Bungee   75 mm Stainless Steel Dead Bolt snap 

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