28XR Full Sidemount TEK Set

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The Mares 28XR DIN First Stage is a balanced diaphragm and twin-balanced piston regulator in a compact, rugged, high-impact chrome body providing constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.  

The first stage is AST environmentally sealed for underwater removal. It features four standard-size low-pressure ports on a swivel turret with an additional fifth port on top of the turret, all with natural DFC. 

Two standard-size high-pressure ports have a 10-degree port angle for optimal hose positioning. The first stage is environmentally sealed for cold water performance and comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector.

The high-performance Mares HR Second Stage features an ultralight technopolymer body for lightweight featuring a pneumatically assisted design, adjustable breathing comfort and an oversized purge button.

The complete set can be opened, cleaned or fixed underwater, and is ideal for stage, side mount or back mount diving.

A new style of Air Delivery System suitable for side mount and or twin tank diving featuring:-

Polished chrome metal body Natural DFC on all low-pressure ports Balanced diaphragm and environmentally sealed “TBP“ (twin balanced piston) Environmentally sealed AST for underwater removal Four Low-Pressure ports on a swivel turret One additional 5th Low-Pressure in-line port Two symmetrical High-Pressure ports 10° port angle for perfect HP hose positioning

Din only - 300 bar Lightweight <790g

Designed for side mount, main back mount, back-up back mount or “hard breathing” back mount use.

Two x Mares 28XR DIN First Stages

Two x Mares HR Second Stages

One x 210 cm Miflex XT-Tech LP Reg Hose for the primary

Onex  60 cm Miflex XT-Tech LP Reg Hose for the secondary/backup

Two x 23 cm Miflex XT-Tech QD Hoses

1 m  of 4mm shock cord

Two SPGs with 15 cm HP Miflex hoses

Adjustable breathing comfort Simple, performing, ultralight techno-polymer body Pad – Pneumatically Assisted Design Oversized purge button Miflex XT-tech hose Can be opened and cleaned or adjusted, underwater

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