Apollo Edge Drysuit


Despite its modest price tag, the Apollo Edge Unisex Drysuit leads the way in recreational drysuit diving in Australia.


The Apollo Edge Unisex 4mm Microcell Neoprene Drysuit with Boots is designed to cater for the majority of recreational drysuit diver's needs. Diving dry is the ultimate, in cooler season diving.

You will dive longer because you are warmer, and you will enjoy your winter diving season- even more!Available in off-the-rack sizing or custom-made! 

Constructed from 4mm Microcell neoprene, offering greater warmth and flexibility without the bulk. One colour for both men and women: Black with red and silver logos in seven unisex sizes from EXTRA SMALL to EXTRA, EXTRA LARGE.

Compare the price advantage, the extra features, the performance and the styling, over similar drysuits.

Apollo Edge Unisex neoprene Drysuits offer;   More Features... More Safety... Plus a whole lot more!

Check this out!  

Manufactured from 4 mm Microcell neoprene, offering greater flexibility underwater  Extra warmth without bulk, this suit is equal to diving in a 6.5mm wetsuit. Smallest rubber-protected shoulder dump valves with automatic or manual settings Adjustable Neoprene seals Strong nylon jersey material, inside and out Two adjustable ankle dump valves - halting the risk, of feet first ascents Patented adjustable wrist valve

There's more!

360-degree swivelling inflator valve, to suit any hose configuration Adjustable wrist valve Adjustable ankle valve Fully taped stitching on the inside of the suit Internal seams are heat-sealed for extra strength and warmth Tough durable boots with connecting knee pads Adjustable braces for comfort


Drysuit zipper lubricant 82 cm LP Drysuit Inflator hose

Measuring For An EDGE Of The Rack Suit

This measuring form is designed to get the best possible fit however it is a guide only

Please choose the Drysuit size that best corresponds to the measurement chart

The chart is designed to allow some tolerance in the measurements however the socks size is critical. If you choose a suit and the socks size is too small it will be uncomfortable

To ensure you get the correct socks size follow these simple foot-measuring instructions

Please ask somebody to measure your feet using a ruler in CM. If you do it yourself the measurement will probably be incorrect

1. The measurement should be taken with full weight on the feet 2. If the measurement is not a whole centimetre, round UP to the next highest centimetre 3. Measure BOTH feet and use the measurement for the largest foot.


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